(It is of course important that anyone you see for psychological help is well trained, and ideally has plenty of experience in a wide range of settings also. The Integrative Psychotherapy training I did at Metanoia took a total of five and a half years, and was a rigorous, and in my view, excellent training. I had already worked as a counsellor for many years when I began this training, which took my practice to a new depth and breadth).


Masters Degree (with Distinction) in Integrative Psychotherapy, and Diploma, Metanoia Institute, 1999 ( www.metanoia.ac.uk )

Certificate of Qualification in Social Work, Swansea University, 1989

Diploma in Counselling, Centre for the Advancement of Counselling, 1988 (this was a two year training – the first year giving certificates in counselling skills and theory)

Masters Degree in the Sociology of Health and Illness, Bedford College, University of London 1980

B.Sc. in Social Anthropology, University of Sussex, 1976

Professional Experience

I have been in private practice in Devon for seventeen years, offering psychotherapy/counselling and supervision, both individual and group.

Previous relevant experience has included (over decades); teaching on counselling trainings in London whilst running a small private practice, and working for seven years as counsellor and psychotherapist (full time) for an East London branch of MIND. In earlier years I worked as a full time staff member and group worker in an alcohol agency, spent a period as a generic social worker, was self employed as a counsellor, trainer and consultant in a Natural Health Centre, and worked as a Drugs Workers specialising in addiction to prescribed drugs.

Over these years I have worked with a wide range of issues, including depression and anxiety, the effects of childhood abuse including sexual abuse, and neglect, addictions, bereavement and other grief issues, stress, the experience of ‘breakdown’ and recovery, the desire for, and journey of, inner or spiritual growth, relationship issues, and much more.

See link for more about my experience in Ecopsychology.

Other training.

As well as the formal trainings that led to the qualifications mentioned above, there has of course been much informal training.

I would include here; two years in a womens self-help therapy group; ten years actively involved in Re-evaluation Co-Counselling, which I taught for many years, and one year of training in Psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychotherapy training which I chose not to continue with.

In the recent period, I was a student for nine years (from 2005 to 2014) of the Ridhwan School, or Diamond Approach – a modern spiritual path incorporating some psychotherapeutic processes and insights, as well as meditation and enquiry ( www.ridhwan.org.uk)

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