Integrative Psychotherapy refers to the integration of different schools of psychotherapy and counselling, to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, as well as to the process of personal integration (making whole, healing).

There are now very many different schools of psychotherapy and counselling. Many trainings specialise in one of these, such as person-centred, or gestalt, or psychodynamic. Other trainings will create their integration of more than one of these.

The Integrative Masters Degree I took at Metanoia Institute challenged us to learn from all three major traditions – ie the Cognitive Behavioural tradition (including C.B.T), the Humanistic and Integrative tradition (including Person-Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, and Bodywork), and the Psychodynamic tradition (post Freud)( including Object Relations theory, Self Psychology, , Attachment theory, and Intersubjectivity Theory).

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We were challenged to make sense for ourselves of how come there are so many schools of theory and practice, and over time to develop our own meaningful integration. The intention was to develop practitioners with flexibility, skill and wisdom, able to draw intelligently from many understandings, and to work with breadth and depth, and over extended periods of time if required, towards profound transformation.

My personal integration also included my growing interest in Ecopsychology, a one year of training in Psychosynthesis (a spiritually oriented therapy), ten years of teaching Re-evaluation Co-Counselling, and my years specialising in addictions issues.

Since leaving Metanoia I continued to develop through becoming a student of the spiritual training of the ‘Diamond Approach,’ known as the Ridhwan School, (, of which I was a member from 2005 to 2014, and have been integrating this learning into my practice. Some people choose to work with me specifically because of this. My learning from, and deep commitment to,indigenous wisdom and also shamanic knowledge and practice, are increasingly woven into my practice in subtle ways.

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