In 2006 the inspirational community movement called ‘Transition’ was launched in Totnes, near where I live.

The vision of the founder Rob Hopkins and others, in the face of impending peak oil, climate change, and economic contraction, was of a peaceful and constructive move to build a truly sustainable, non-oil dependant local culture and economy, in which humans and non-humans alike could flourish (; Within a year transition initiatives had sprung up across the UK, and shortly thereafter the movement began to spread across the globe.(

As I was lucky enough to be an Ecopsychologist living nearby, I was involved in forming one of the initial working groups of TTT, alongside groups looking at food, housing etc. We initially called this group ‘Heart and Soul’, and it was later re-named ‘Inner Transition’. It had to do with the psychological, spiritual and consciousness aspects of the transition to just such a sustainable and wise local and global culture. It was and is exciting and fruitful to have such work taking place alongside, and part of, the practical dimensions of this daunting but necessary and wonderful task.

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I've also provided links to a couple of pieces of my published writing about Inner Transition, and an audiofile of a public talk I gave in Totnes in June 2012.

Both the book chapter below and the public talk trace the roots of Inner Transition in Ecopsychology, and describe its early development. You can click on any of the titles below to get to the item.

'Ecopsychology in Practice; Heart and Soul of the ‘Great Turning

Published in Greenspirit Journal, Vol. 10, 1, 2008 pp20 – 21. (

‘Heart and Soul; Inner and Outer within the Transition Movement’. Book chapter in ‘Vital Signs; Psychological Responses to Ecological Crisis’ ed. Mary-Jayne Rust and Nick Totten. Karnac Books 2012.

Audio Talk: ‘May I Walk in Beauty; Inner and Outer Transition’.

Following publication of 'Vital Signs' I was asked to do a talk in Totnes about Inner Transition.

I speak of its roots in Ecopsychology, the story of Inner Transition thus far as I see it, and of three strands of a world-wide movement of consciousness from which, it seems to me, it draws. I then speak more about one of these strands – the wisdom and teachings of indigenous cultures.

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