...has to do with the psychology of our relationship with this beautiful planet, the earth. Why are we collectively being so destructive to the earth and the other beings with whom we share it? How can we transform this to a healthy relationship, and a benign human presence on our planet?

I was very active in the early days of this movement in the 1990s and early 2000s, organising, speaking, writing and running workshops. Together with Tania Dolley, I co-founded the early UK Ecopsychology Network, and briefly assisted her in teaching on the Masters Degree in Ecopsychology at the Centre for Human Ecology in Edinburgh.

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You can read much more on:

- the excellent UK Ecopsychology Website www.ecopsychology.org.uk.

- the Greenspirit website www.greenspirit.org.uk

- and my friend and colleague Mary Jayne Rust’s website www.mjrust.net.

I include below links to some of my published writings and talks (there is inevitably some overlap here) - you can read any of these by clicking on the title.

‘What on earth does this have to do with psychotherapy?’ (my favourite introductory piece of writing introducing Ecopsychology), in an Ecopsychology special edition of ‘Transformations Forum’, the journal of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility. No.10, Summer 2000.

'The Sustainable Psyche – A Psychotherapist introduces Ecopsychology' (talking also about race and culture and oppression in relation to Ecopsychology). Keynote speech for Community Psychology/Race and Culture Special Interest Group joint Annual Conference. June 2001.

‘Cosmic Walk; Awakening the Ecological Self’ (A fairly comprehensive overview of the whole field as I understood it at that time.) In ‘Psychotherapy and Politics International’ Volume One, Number One, Spring 2003.

The wild goose, the condor, the eagle and the blue jewel (Keynote speech for the annual UK Ecopsychology Gathering 'The Edge of the Wild' at Green and Away, 2015). This was held as much as a ceremony as a speech, and represented an attempt to share all I hold dear about the arising of indigenous wisdom at this time, the importance and significance of gratitude, and the willingness to deeply respect and learn from our true elders.

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