If you feel you might like to work with me, phoning is the best next step on 01803 863 060. (I find email cumbersome at this point, but if you prefer you can email me on contact@hilaryprenticepsychotherapy.net or hilaryprentice@phonecoop.coop). We can talk a bit on the phone, you can ask questions, and get a sense of me – or we can go straight away to booking an initial session if you would prefer, and if I have space. I usually see people Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I do charge for the initial meeting, as it is an important meeting, and in its way quite demanding of us both. This is an opportunity to talk about what brings you, and what you are looking for, and for us to explore this further together. Again, you are welcome to ask questions if you would like to. At the end of this session we probably have a good idea about working together. If it is not clear, we can have more than one session like this – which of itself can be quite moving, and helpful.

My usual fee is typical for an experienced psychotherapist in this area.

However, I am committed to attempting to be available to people, and so I (unusually) operate a self-assessed sliding scale for people who cannot afford the full fee. Of course in the end this is a matter of trust and good faith – and it generally works quite well. You are welcome to discuss this with me on the phone or when we meet, if we agree to do so.

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