I think it is almost impossible to give a really good short description of what counselling and psychotherapy are all about.

However, a good place to start is that this is a time and place in which you get to be listened to, with respect warmth and empathy, so that healing can take place for you. It is a safe and confidential space, with clear boundaries, which are never breached.

Most or perhaps all of us have had events in our lives, and in our childhoods, which we still need to make sense of, to ‘process’, so that we can eventually let go of what we no longer need, and simply keep hold of what we have learned – the wisdom contained within. Often, the unhealed parts of our stories can express themselves through ‘symptoms’ – anxiety, depression, physical symptoms, sleeplessness, difficulties in relationship, for example. When we do the work of ‘digesting’ what has happened (or hasn’t happened) these symptoms often resolve, and we grow as people.

As a therapist, whilst I will always listen with respect and careful attention, what else happens will depend on what you bring, and what is needed – there may be many tears (they are welcome), or rage, or fear. There may be tales of disappointments – grief and loss – and there may be dreams of what you always wanted – and a space to be heard and encouraged in this. There may be many discoveries of what lies inside, which you weren’t aware of until you had the space to take a look. There is usually a profound relief in speaking the truth, even if it is a painful truth.

I sometimes work with the cues of the body, often with the ‘felt sense’ of how things are – and sometimes with the chairs and cushions and other objects in the room. Sometimes people bring their night-time dreams, sometimes what they have written or drawn. I quite often lend books when this is helpful.

I think my ‘style’ in general is relaxed warm and kind, and sometimes playful. I don’t think I am at all intimidating – many people over the years have said that I am not at all as they imagined a therapist would be – but in a good way!

I am, of course, more than happy to bring my ecopsychological understanding and perspectives to the work, so if you are looking for a counsellor, therapist or supervisor who is willing and able to include the ‘big picture’, I may be a good person for you to work with.

Also I have many years of experience in working with people over the longer term, so that deeper and perhaps more difficult issues can be more fully worked through, and profound transformation can take place.

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